Brady Rae Pinchen

Phd Candidate


PhD Candidate, P4O2 Precision Medicine for more Oxygen (Netherlands), University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2021-

MSc. Biology, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 2020

BSc. Anatomy, University of Glasgow, Scotland 2017


Cells don’t exist in isolation, they are surrounded by a slew of information in the form of molecules that stem from their neighbouring cells, their environment, as well as from cells throughout the body via the circulation. In no tissue is this more true than the lung, where the surface epithelium is in such close relation to the external environment, a diversity of local cell types, and the immense pulmonary circulation. Through the design and application of next generation in-vitro microfluidics, we can now culture these cells in a 3D environment that truly emulates this same cellular environment. Studying chronic lung diseases within these models allows us to observe the true complexity of the processes underlying their development and progression. In this project,the responses to environmental and systemic factors of the airway cells in different stages of disease will be investigated using bespoke 3D microfluidics.
Keywords: COPD, Lung Epithelium, Microfluidics, 3D models

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One of our 2-chamber, Airway-on-Chip devices. Length 45mm, finger-tip for scale

2022 – de Cock-Hadders Stichting 

2019 – “Best Question by a PhD” – NVMB Conference