Frederique Alleblas

Research Technician


Research technician, Department of Pathology and Medical Biology, University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), The Netherlands, 2022 –


BSc, Hanze University of Applied Sciences , Groningen, 2022


Performed an internship and graduation
internship under supervision of Irene Heijink, Janette Burgess and Mehmet
Nizamoglu focusing on characterization of healthy and fibrotic stromal beds
from lung ECM hydrogels with fibroblasts, as well as researching the
interactions between monocytes and the stromal bed in fibrotic lung disease.

Currently working under supervision of Irene Heijink on a program of the P4O2 study called SHERLOCk, which stands for an integrative genomic approach to solve the puzzle of severe early onset COPD (SEO-COPD). The goal of this study is to identify the (epi)genetic mechanisms underlying SEO-COPD and to assess how SEO-COPD patients differ in progression of COPD from mild-moderate and non-COPD patients.

Keywords: COPD, (primary) cell culture