Jelmer Vlasma


PhD candidate, UMCG/UG, The Netherlands, 2020-

MSc, Medical Medicine and Innovative Treatment (MMIT), cum laude, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2018-2020

BSc, Biomedical Sciences, University of Groningen, 2015-2018


COPD is characterized by progressive lung tissue damage and impaired tissue repair resulting in loss of alveolar elasticity, manifesting as shortness of breath in patients. In addition, COPD patients are frequently diagnosed with osteoporosis, yet the link between these two diseases is unclear. Remarkably, a key mediator of bone degradation called Receptor Activator of NFKB signalling Ligand (RANKL) has shown to exert proliferative effects on lung stem cells in vitro. How RANKL achieves cell proliferation is unclear and warrants further research. By examining ex- and in vivo models we aim to elucidate the function of RANKL in the lung, thereby aiming to reveal additional therapeutic targets to achieve lung alveolar repair.

Keywords: COPD, lung repair, RANKL, epithelial cells, osteoporosis

2020              NCS, Research Grant

2020             MMIT Fellowship

2020             MMIT Fellowship

2019             KEC Babraham Research Internship Grant

2019             Groningen Universiteit’s Fonds