Leonie Apperloo

Research Technician


Research technician, Department of Pathology and Medical Biology, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG),  The Netherlands, 2019 –

BSc, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (2018)



I am mainly working on the ARMS project. In this project we perform single-cell RNA sequencing of airway all biopsies in patients with active asthma, asthma remission and controls, to compare the cellular landscape of the airway epithelium between these groups. Patients and controls will undergo extensive phenotyping followed by bronchoscopy to obtain airway wall biopsies for scRNA-Seq analysis. I’m involved in processing these biopsies for scRNA-seq using 10X genomics as well as culturing bronchial epithelial cells from the patients using methods including air-liquid interface cultures and 3D lung organoid culture models.

Keywords: Asthma , remission, single-cell RNA sequencing, 10X genomics, primary cell culture, Air liquid interface cell culture, 3D lung organoids.