Nataliya Migulina



PhD, University of Groningen,  The Netherlands; Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA, 2020 –  

MSc, Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation, University of Groningen,  The Netherlands, 2019

BSc,  cum laude, Human Physiology , Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 2017




Abnormal extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation and deposition are associated with COPD progression. Lungs are an integrated system with strong dynamic interactions between the ECM and fibroblasts (the major producers of ECM proteins). In COPD certain dynamic processes such as the balance between production and degradation of ECM are altered leading to modified composition of the tissue. Altered tissue impacts the residing cells, which change their responses as a result of adapting to their microenvironment and potentially driving the ongoing disease processes in COPD.

My research line focuses on disturbed fibroblast-ECM cross-talk is present in COPD and underlies disrupted ECM homeostasis and lung tissue remodelling. The major aim of my project is to investigate mechanisms and consequences of disturbed fibroblast-ECM cross-talk in COPD.


Keywords: COPD, ECM, fibroblasts 

Orange Tulip Scholarship (2017 – 2019)